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Outpatient process optimization solutions, process optimization, improve clinical efficiency of 50%, the standard of diagnosis and treatment, improve the medical quality, scientific research, management and comprehensive utilization of large data integration, clinical integration of clinical research, clinical management

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Understanding OPERA

Specialized in ophthalmologic information development, Gauss Medical Information Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gauss Information”) is a software company established in 2014 by Gauss Group’s software business division that has been engaged in ophthalmologic industry for more than 20 years. Since the establishment, Gauss Information has been dedicated to R&D, promotion and clinical application of digital information products in ophthalmology as well as exploration and implementation of information, digital, network and mobile management mode specially for ophthalmology so as to help hospitals and doctors upgrade medial quality and reduce patients’ costs, and become special information platform solutions provider for eye hospitals and ophthalmology of general hospitals of all sizes. After long incubation and accumulation, Gauss Information has been equipped with a high-quality talent team with mature technology R&D capacity, professional ophthalmological knowledge as well as powerful cooperative and service network centered in Beijing and spread all over China Mainland and major districts of Hong Kong, providing quality and efficient professional services for clients nationwide. Gauss Information has independently developed OPERA ophthalmologic information platform series products, including ophthalmologic electronic medical record, ophthalmologic image management and analysis, remote consultation, ophthalmologic disease research statistics and analysis and other systems. The systems not only have multimodal combination and high flexibility, but also allows customized special solutions, satisfying hospitals requirements on ophthalmologic medical information. In the progress of national information construction of hospitals, Gauss Information, as ophthalmology dedicated hospital information solution provider and based on continuous learning and utilization of world advanced technologies and knowledge and support of domestic experts, will develop ophthalmologic software products and cooperate with hospitals and doctors to jointly promote the development of the specialty, and strive to become partner and agent for ophthalmologic development in China.

  • Professional qualification

    Since its founding, Beijing Gauss Medical Information Technologies Co., Ltd. has successively obtained qualification certificates of software enterprise registration and high-tech enterprises, and has become a member unit of Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association and a member unit of Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises Association, Beijing. The Company have also been granted more than 30 certificates including software product registration, copyright and other product qualifications for its products.

  • Growth process

    Established in 2014, Beijing Gauss Medical Information Technologies Co., Ltd. has been independently operated by Gauss Group’s professional team that has over 20 years of ophthalmologic experiences, becoming a professional medical software company dedicated to ophthalmologic information construction and process optimization. Today, the Company has built a high-quality R&D team and developed six product lines, providing quality information support for ophthalmologic diagnosis and treatment process optimization and scientific research.

  • Service commitment

    The professional clinic team and technical service team of Beijing Gauss Medical Information Technologies Co., Ltd. will serve you with quality stationed service, responding and providing technical support in 7*24 hours, and responding in 0.5 hour, arriving in 24 hours and solving problems in 48 hours.

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